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Honoring Our ImageFIRST Associates: Why We Call Our Route Sales Drivers “Customer Advocates”

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on May 18, 2016 11:37:59 AM

At ImageFIRST Dallas, our employees mean much more to us than the term typically implies. That’s why we call them associates!

And because of the scope of their positive contributions to our company, our route sales drivers—called Customer Advocates here at ImageFIRST—are especially near and dear to us here. We thought it would be important to lay out just how much they mean to ImageFIRST Dallas.

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ImageFIRST Dallas Associates Support a Local Ronald McDonald House

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Feb 11, 2016 10:27:10 AM


Since we feel that helping and supporting one another is integral in positive coexistence between neighbors, it’s important that we stay actively involved in the place we call home. Because of this general ethos, we strive to continuously improve the cohesion formed between our associates and their communities, by supporting them in any way we can.


We regularly get involved with initiatives that focus on a breadth of areas of need, such as Habitat for Humanity, March of Dimes, United Way, United Negro College Fund and other charitable organizations. This time around we focused on helping Ronald McDonald House, an organization that we’ve partnered with since 2013.


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ImageFIRST’s DiJulius Group Feature

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Nov 24, 2015 3:21:00 PM

In case you missed it, ImageFIRST was recently featured in the DiJulius Group’s blog.


And in case you don’t know who the DiJulius Group is: They’re one of the world’s leaders in customer experience enhancement. We are so proud to be one of the DiJulus Group’s clients; seeing our name alongside organizations that carry outstanding customer service reputations like Chick-fil-A, Starbucks and the Ritz Carlton is truly humbling.

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