ImageFIRST Dallas Associates Support a Local Ronald McDonald House

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Feb 11, 2016 10:27:10 AM


Since we feel that helping and supporting one another is integral in positive coexistence between neighbors, it’s important that we stay actively involved in the place we call home. Because of this general ethos, we strive to continuously improve the cohesion formed between our associates and their communities, by supporting them in any way we can.


We regularly get involved with initiatives that focus on a breadth of areas of need, such as Habitat for Humanity, March of Dimes, United Way, United Negro College Fund and other charitable organizations. This time around we focused on helping Ronald McDonald House, an organization that we’ve partnered with since 2013.


Their work is based on the belief that one of the most powerful healing remedies for children who are sick is that they are able to be close to their families during lengthy hospital stays. Ronald McDonald House is most known for their network of housing facilities near hospitals throughout the country for the families of sick children, but they also provide in-hospital “family rooms,” grants for non-profits, and scholarships for students nationwide.  


We handle materials such as the linens and towels for many of our young community members who are ill, and also the nurses’ uniforms in the Arlington, TX area hospitals that serve them. So, when we heard that they were having a charity event, it was far too relevant for us not to jump at the opportunity to get involved and contribute!


Recently, when ImageFIRST Dallas associates found out that a local Ronald McDonald House was in need of various items, they didn’t hesitate to help. They took a look at the wish list, banded together and set out to check every item off, not stopping until the task was completed. All in all, they managed to successfully attain everything that Ronald McDonald House had asked for, including many rolls of paper towels, lots of snacks, cases of peanut butter and even a Keurig coffee maker! They ended up donating over $750 worth of household necessities in the end.


Whether it’s providing a few items that a local charity needs, or uniform scrubs in Irving, TX and elsewhere, our priority at ImageFIRST Dallas is to help others. We couldn’t be prouder of our associates, because they understand that helpfulness is the keystone of a strong community, and more importantly, they aren’t afraid to take action and extend their hands to neighbors in times of need.


Let’s continue to help each other out, Dallas! Doesn’t it feel so good?