Providing Care by the Family Standard Makes a World of Difference

Posted by ImageFIRST on Mar 23, 2017 1:42:36 PM

The word family can mean many different things, depending on whom you ask. There’s family in the traditional sense, but beyond that, your family can come from an array of personal and professional relationships.

Our associates may come from many different backgrounds, but at the end of the day, we consider ourselves more than a hospital curtain supplier in Carrolton,TX: We consider ourselves an ImageFIRST family.

We wholeheartedly believe that family values are important, which is why we’re extending the concept of the family standard to you. As a member of the ImageFIRST Dallas community, we consider you a valuable family member. And now, we encourage you to apply the family standard to your patients, just as we do for our staff and clients.

But what exactly is the family standard? Essentially, it’s a twist on the golden rule:

Never impose on your patients what you would not choose for your own family.

When it comes to providing patient care, we encourage you to treat each patient as if he or she is a member of your family. Whatever you’re doing for a patient, ask yourself, Would I do that for my family member? If the answer is “yes,” great! If the answer is “no,” think about reconsidering your approach.

Protect Your Patients from Infections with ImageFIRST’s Comprehensive Program

Preventing the spread of healthcare-acquired infections is certainly one way to implement the family standard into your routine. Linens and textiles can be a source of contamination, and home laundering won’t eliminate bacteria effectively. Our comprehensive infection prevention goes above and beyond industry regulations to ensure that your materials return completely clean and bacteria-free.

We care about protecting our employees, you and your patients. Our processes ensure safe handling of dirty laundry upon entry into our plants, which protects our employees from handling contaminated linen. Also, we have a robust process that eliminates the potential for recontamination between cleaning and re-delivery to your facility.

Our Triple BioShield Protection® process goes as follows:

  • Pathogens are killed on contact
  • A BacStat Bioshield inhibitor prevents bacteria from proliferating on the clean fabric
  • Linens are wrapped individually in plastic, ensuring protection in-transit

Do you want to protect your facility’s image and reputation while providing the best for your patients, and adhere to the family standard? We want to help you achieve those goals. Here at ImageFIRST Dallas, we offer high-quality products from trustworthy manufacturers that are hand inspected for quality assurance. Furthermore, we apply our “bright white” standard to all bed and bath linens and rejuvenate fluid-resistant gowns with every wash.

Whether it’s the nurse uniforms for your staff members, the hospital curtains for your Denton, TX, facility or any linen in between, we’ll help you apply the family standard to your operation.