What Brings About Meaningful Change In a Medical Facility?

Posted by ImageFIRST on Oct 11, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Whether healthcare facilities are a daily place of work or a place of rare visits, they don’t often carry the same atmosphere of an art conservatory or a rock concert. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but in an era of shortened attention spans and instant service reviews typed by thumbs faster than can be articulated, medical facilities need to provide a patient experience that can be recalled pleasantly.

The Internet has changed a lot of things in the past two decades. It’s made it easier for our customers to communicate with us when they change their delivery schedule for medical scrubs and uniforms in Fort Worth, TX, but it’s also brought the patient experience into the limelight.

Across the country, healthcare facility administrators are looking for ways to positively impact the way their facility is viewed through the eyes of the patients that visit it. Since medical facilities are utilitarian in nature, it can be difficult to find a universal way to increase the comfort of every single patient. However, we at ImageFIRST have developed a cost-effective solution, and recently shared a white paper online that explains how you can increase patient perception of your facility.

In this month’s featured white paper from ImageFIRST Dallas, the subject of patient comfort and experience is tackled head-on. The white paper, entitled “Minor Change, Major Impact: How Patient Gowns and Robes Affect Patient Perception,” studies the difference that higher-quality linen makes on the experience of patients in medical facilities. 

The white paper details ImageFIRST’s partnerships with healthcare facilities across the country to study the impact that our proprietary Comfort Care line of premium patient gowns makes. The results of the study were eye-opening, showing how much patient comfort has on patient perception of a facility.

The Comfort Care line was created with the intention of offering patients high-quality medical clothing and making them more comfortable both in their gowns and in their setting. The fabric with which the Comfort Care line is made is exceptionally soft and cozy, creating a comfortable, assuring experience for patients at any facility.

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