When Customers and Their Patients Need to Be Heard, ImageFIRST Listens

Posted by ImageFIRST on Sep 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM

At ImageFIRST, we endeavor to be more than just the leading provider of nurse scrubs in Dallas, TX, and throughout the rest of the country. We believe in caring for and improving the lives of everyone we impact. In this vein, we designed our Customer Advocate role to ensure customer satisfaction. Those who partner with ImageFIRST get assigned their own Customer Advocate, a professional associate who works to secure the quality of a client’s service.

Although we always aim to go above and beyond for our clients, sometimes our associates surpass even our own expectations. Just recently, Eli Harkey, Service Supervisor at ImageFIRST San Antonio, described such an experience.

Harkey was en route, training a new Customer Advocate. As he stood in the back of the truck, wrapping up a linen delivery to a client, he noticed an elderly man leaving the medical facility. After making eye contact with Harkey, he became visibly emotional. Through tears, the man thanked Harkey for everything that he did for the facility.

“These places could not take on all the patients that they do if it weren’t for everything that you do,” said the man. It seemed as though the man had a heavy heart -- he clearly had a lot on his mind. Harkey realized at that moment that the man just needed someone to tell his troubles to. So, he listened.

As it turns out, the man, whose name was Richard, was picking up medication for his wife, who was in the hospital. After spending some time listening to Richard talk about the struggles he and his wife faced, Harkey saw the weight lifting from his shoulders. The man walked away with a smile.

“The man just needed to talk to somebody. I was glad to listen,” said Harkey.

Far from dismissing what others might deem a “distraction” from their work, Harkey embraced the opportunity to support and connect with a patient. He truly embodies the values of ImageFIRST.

We care about the quality of our customers’ lives and the patients they serve. We know that happy healthcare workers lead to happier patients, and that the reverse is also true. As a company, we always focus on how we can improve the patient experience.

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