Will You Come See Us at the 2016 MGMA Annual Conference?

Posted by ImageFIRST on Aug 22, 2016 10:44:15 AM

If you’re familiar with ImageFIRST® Dallas, you already know that we’re proud leaders in the healthcare industry. So when it comes to events, volunteer opportunities, summits and seminars that pertain to the progression of the medical field, we’re always thrilled to participate. With that said, we’re excited to announce that we will be joining the MGMA 2016 Annual Conference!

The series of events is set to occur between October 30 and November 2, 2016 in San Francisco at the beautiful Moscone Convention Center, located right downtown.

Let’s go over the details:
What Is the MGMA Conference?

The conference is all about improving the products that aid in the cleanliness of medical facilities, and the healthcare industry as a whole. We’ll be there discussing our services, and the steps we take to provide fully sanitized healthcare uniforms to Arlington, TX medical facilities (among other products and communities in the area).

We’re also excited to check out our colleagues involved in the medical field, and learn all about how they’re helping to improve healthcare.

This is the 90th annual conference, and it caters not only to the top executives in the industry, but to all levels, so it truly is a community effort—and if there’s one thing that ImageFIRST® Dallas can get behind, it’s certainly community.

This holistic approach to industry education will happen through a series of sessions, and we’re excited to learn as much as we can, and come out on the other end of the conference more knowledgeable about healthcare. From there, we can all work toward further improving the industry as a whole.

More About MGMA

The Medical Group Management Association is dedicated to equipping leaders in the healthcare industry with the tools they need to blossom and be able to provide exceptional, unparalleled service. As of today, there are over 33,000 administrators and executives, 18,000 organizations (including ImageFIRST® Dallas) and 385,000 physicians involved in the MGMA. 

The organization helps medical industry leaders thrive by providing them with education, legislative information, data and career resources, all of which help companies such as ImageFIRST® Dallas be better able to provide remarkable services.

But What Exactly are ImageFIRST® Dallas’ Remarkable Services?

These are two (among many) of our remarkable services:

ComfortFIRST - Founded upon the ideal that a patient’s physical comfort will lead to his or her overall happiness with a medical facility experience, our ComfortFIRST promise is designed to help people feel, well, exceptionally comfortable! It starts with quality patient gowns that are soft, thick and offer full coverage. Then it stems to all other linens, scrubs and apparel that anyone at a medical facility—both patients and employees—will come across. Learn more about ComfortFIRST here.

ValueFIRST - Here at ImageFIRST Dallas, we take cost management VERY seriously. Our ValueFIRST program ensures our clients that there are no hidden fees or a lack of transparency when it comes to billing. We provide need-based inventory, so facilities aren’t forced to get too much or too little of what they need. We also assign each facility with a Customer Advocate, who knows and follows their needs thoroughly, and will act accordingly to fulfill them. We’ll keep track of a facility’s individual usage in real time to ensure that they are always getting the correct amount. Furthermore, billing is flat-rate, transparent and fair. Learn more here.

We’ll see you at the MGMA 2016 Conference in San Francisco! Be sure to pay us a visit at booth #2239 to find out about how we can help improve your patients’ perceptions of YOUR facility!

Did you know that we’re the premier provider of scrubs and medical uniforms in Fort Worth, TX? Get in touch today to learn more.